Important Message for Parents/Guardians Regarding Breakfast Club.

Dear Parents/Guardians

I hope you are all well

As you know we are already in our second week of reopening and everything is going well.

Pupils and staff are happy and safe and lessons are finally underway again throughout the school.

I’m getting in touch with you today regarding breakfast club at the school

I have received a LEA risk assessment this morning that states:

“From the 14th September, school breakfast clubs and pre-school clubs can re-open if head teachers along with their governing bodies deem safe to do so.”

Having reviewed the situation I feel that we aren’t ready to offer this provision yet.

The 14th of September will be the first day all pupils back- it’s also the first day hot dinners will be prepared in the school canteen. I believe that the pressure of maintaining contact groups for 70-80 pupils from 12 classes that morning would place unnecessary pressure on staff and resources.

My ultimate responsibility is the welfare of all pupils and staff at the school and deferring the reopening of the traditional breakfast club is the best way to ensure that. I can confirm that this decision has been agreed with the governing body of the school.

Breakfast will be available for pupils in class from 8.30pm from the 14th onwards but we ask parents/guardians to contact their class teacher by email as soon as possible to organise this.

I will of course keep you updated of all developments regarding this matter.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you require any additional information regarding this or any other issue.

Best wishes

Brian Evans

Head teacher



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