Personalised Assessments


Good afternoon

Please find enclosed a letter regarding personalised assessments for pupils in Years 2-6. 

These are carried out in mainstream classes.

Resource Base Heads will be able to clarify with parents/guardians whether their pupils will be taking part.

Best wishes

Brian Evans

Head teacher 


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Over the next few weeks and months, pupils from year 2 – 6 will be taking part in personalised assessments.

These assessments are to be used to monitor and assess your child’s progress in Numeracy and Literacy. These assessments are completed in a comfortable and relaxed manner within the classroom and we as teachers are there to support the learners through the process. Our priority is to ensure that no unnecessary pressure is placed on any pupils.

Please visit the link below if you wish to know more about the personalised assessments process.

Personalised assessments: information for parents and carers - Hwb (

Over the next few weeks, pupils will be taking part in familiarisation assessments where the children will have an opportunity to practise how these assessments are completed within the classroom.

You can also support  your child at home by accessing their HWB account and following this step by step guide to access the familiarisation assessment.

  1. Visit Hwb (
  2. Your child will be required to log in to their account (please ask your class teacher if your child does not know this)
  3. Click on the Personalised Assessments icon (see here).
  4. Click on ‘Familiarisation Assessment’
  5. Click on ‘Numeracy (Procedural), English Reading or Numeracy (Reasoning)
  6. You will then see a range of questions which your child can answer. This will help your child to familiarise with the process.


Learner Feedback –

When your child has completed their assessment, staff will release feedback on some of the areas that they have completed well in a document that will appear on their HWB account. They will also receive feedback on areas that they can improve on.

This feedback will be personal to your child and will be used by teachers to inform next steps in their teaching – this will ensure your child has the opportunity to make progress in areas for development.


Mr Steffan Davies will be available on Monday 23rd January at 3:15 pm in Year 4 classroom if you have any questions or would like to go discuss these procedures further.  You can also contact Mr Davies – if you prefer.


Best wishes,

Mr Brian Evans

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