ALC 2 provides specialist education and support for children who have speech, language and communication difficulties. We aim to provide as many different opportunities as possible for your child to have enjoyable learning experiences. We seek to nurture their academic skills, self-awareness, knowledge and understanding of the world around them and their ability to communicate.

ALC 2 is managed under the guidance of the school SENCO Mrs Gaskell with the children being supported by a dedicated team of staff. Mrs Ricketts, Mr Northover and Miss Haynes. The children are also taught by Mr James and Mrs Northover on a weekly basis. All the children in ALC 2 have regular access to Mrs Viv Newman – Speech and Language Therapist and she provides each child with an individual programme which is developed alongside the experienced practitioners within the resource base.

On a daily basis children integrate in and out of ALC 2 in order to access appropriate provision and support. This provides an excellent opportunity to develop the children’s social skills as well as providing each pupil with the opportunity to access mainstream education with their peers. Social skills are also nurtured during our ‘outings’ into the local community on a weekly basis.

We are very proud of what the children in ALC 2 achieve. All our pupils are valued and achievements are celebrated in a lively, exciting and vibrant classroom. Our pupils’ well-being is central to all our decisions and we are keen to work with parents/carers to motivate an excellent primary education.

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