Mabolgampau / Sports Day  

Mabolgampau / Sports Day  

  • Tuesday, 6th June – Years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and ALC2. 


  • Wednesday, 7th June – Year 1, Reception, Nursery AM+PM, Enfys, Pili Pala. 


The sports day will be held on the school field. 


  • There will be activities taking place in the morning for the children only. 


  • Parents and carers are welcome to attend the afternoon from 1:00pm.  


  • The afternoon events will commence at 1:15pm  


  • Seating will be arranged on the field refreshments will be available for parents/guardians – this is cash only -all proceeds to the school PTFA.  


The school will be providing appropriate shelter and water for all pupils.  


Please can you ensure your child/children has plenty of additional water, a sun hat and sun cream applied in the morning. You can also bring labelled sun cream with your child.  


Children will have the opportunity to watch both sports days if possible.  


Junior Order of Events.  

  • Blwyddyn 2 Sprint 
  • Blwyddyn 3 Sprint 
  • Blwyddyn 4 Sprint 
  • Blwyddyn 5 Sprint 
  • Blwyddyn 6 Sprint 
  • Parents race – Male 
  • Parents race – Female 
  • Blwyddyn 2 long race (optional) – 1 time around the track 
  • Blwyddyn 3 long race – 2 times around the track 
  • Blwyddyn 4 long race – 2 times around the track 
  • Blwyddyn 5 – long race 2 times around the track 
  • Blwyddyn 6 – long race 2 times around the track 
  • Relay Blwyddyn 4 
  • Relay Blwyddyn 5 
  • Relay Blwyddyn 6 

The order for the Infants Sports Day will be more flexible so please make sure you’re at the school by 1.15pm at the latest.  

Many thanks  

Best wishes 

Brian Evans 

Head teacher  




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