Promoting self-discipline, self- worth and self-confidence at Llwyn-yr-Eos Primary School

School is place to learn. It is important to us that every child fulfils their potential and are given a variety of experiences and learning opportunities that will help develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills. Above all else, we want the children in Llwyn-yr-Eos to be confident, happy children and that is why we strive to develop their Personal and Social skills, self-discipline and well-being above all else in the Foundation Phase.

All teaching staff in the Foundation Phase have been trained in the Incredible Years Behavioural Program and all staff are trained in the key principles. In September 2017 it was agreed that this would form the basis for behaviour management of our youngest pupils. The program aims to develop positive classroom management and helps the children to see why and how good behaviour gets positive feedback. We praise and focus continually on the good behaviour that is desired and as far as possible, we ignore behaviour that is not. Our aim is to develop a positive feel and ethos throughout the classroom and encourage teamwork, trust and mutual respect based on positive relationships between staff and pupils. Children are aware of the Golden rules and importance of the ‘Give me 5’ principles and we encourage them to take responsibility to follow these as part of a positive learning environment.

It must be noted however, that any violent or aggressive behaviour is not tolerated and results in a child being put in ‘time out’ where an adult will give them an opportunity to calm down and reflect on their own behaviour.

When misbehaving, children are often simply seeking attention. We want our children to know that we recognise appropriate behaviour and that when we see this behaviour, we acknowledge and praise, therefore encouraging them to behave more like this. If we can, as far as possible, ignore the behaviour we do not want, hopefully the child will realise that it is not going to result in attention and change the way they behave.

Alongside this program, Llwyn-yr-Eos is an Attachment Aware school and staff have been trained in Emotion Coaching. This means that we are aware that the early experiences that children have had will greatly impact on their brain development and subsequently, their behaviour and ability to learn. Children need the opportunities to develop their understanding of emotions and feelings in order to function to the best of their ability. Staff have been trained to use the 3 step Emotion coaching program when dealing with behaviour and when children are feeling upset or out of control.

We aim to connect and establish positive relationships with the children so that they feel safe and are able to trust the adults who are working with them. Each class encourages the children to ‘check-in’ to let staff know how they are feeling so that we can respond accordingly- after all everyone is entitled to have a bad day! If we understand why a child is having a bad day- if they are tired or worried or sad- we will be able to understand and support them- not simply get cross and ultimately make them feel even worse. Children are taught to recognise and name their feelings and know that it is fine to feel cross or angry but that sometimes the way we behave because of these feelings is not okay. By talking and teaching about emotions and feelings we aim to improve the mental health of our children at this young age, hopefully preventing potential problems in later life.

Our Emotion coaching work is supported in the Foundation Phase is supported by our nurture bases, Y Nyth Bach and Y Nyth, and children are able to access this facility at different times at the discretion of the class teacher. Children are given time to develop their speaking and listening skills, talk about their feelings and emotions, play games and complete tasks that require team work or taking turns and generally helping them to develop their personal and social skills. Our children gain confidence, develop self esteem and learn the value of themselves and others .

Ysgol Llwyn yr Eos is an active member of the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Schemes.  A healthy school is one which actively promotes and protects the physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of its community through positive action by such means of policy, strategic planning and staff development, with regard to its curriculum, ethos, physical environment and community relations.