Enfys is a Specialist Resource Centre for autistic children.

We work with children from 3 to 11 years old.

We believe that every child is unique.

We offer a fun, safe environment where children, families and staff learn, observe, problem solve, challenge and celebrate together.

We work closely with children, families and professionals to develop and facilitate programmes of education that aim to meet individual’s needs on a day to day basis with a long term aim of enabling individuals to communicate and develop independent life skills.

Children and families are welcomed in to Enfys and are supported by a specialist team of staff.

The Enfys Team

We are proud and passionate about the work we do, and strive to provide the best support and opportunities for all of our pupils. Pupils benefit from dedicated, skilled and experienced staff who have exceptionally high expectations, and a detailed understanding of how they learn. The commitment of staff to the pupils makes a real difference to each child.

The Enfys team work together to set individualised targets which informs planning, delivery and measuring pupil’s progress. We view each child as an individual and put continuous effort and energy into everything we do.

We work closely with multi agency teams including Speech and language Therapists, Disabled Children’s Team, Psychology and Medical professionals. Individualised timetables and programmes of provision help to ensure that pupils are challenged at an appropriate level daily, develop communication skills and experience a wide varied curriculum.

What we do

Every child in Enfys is very much a part of the wider Ysgol Llwyn yr Eos School community. Our education and learning takes place as much in everyday life as it does in traditional classroom settings.

With this approach, learning and teachable moments are understood in a very wide sense, and can include, for example, following daily routines and structures of the day, life skills to help understand the world we live in, taking responsibility for attempting practical tasks and jobs, and being involved in the whole lifelong learning process.

Examples of where our learning takes place:

  • In the classroom,
  • In our garden,
  • Integrating with mainstream classes,
  • Playtimes,
  • Community visits,
  • Shopping and café visits,
  • Urban and country walks,
  • Special events and trips,
  • Swimming, horse riding,
  • At school and at home, 24 hour curriculum.

We believe the classroom is not the only place that lessons and learning can take place. Enfys in a great location close to a wide variety of environments. We have urban and countryside right on our doorstep. Within walking distance we have Aberystwyth town, rivers, beaches, woodland and residential areas. We also have use of the school minibus which enables us to travel a little further and access swimming at Plascrug Leisure Centre every fortnight, and a small group participates in the RDA horse riding sessions every week.

We offer a fun, safe environment where children, families and staff learn, observe, problem solve, challenge and celebrate together.

For more information, please contact us.

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