The Reception Class

Welcome to the reception class! Miss Bonner is the class teacher, along with the support of two teaching assistants Mrs Milliner & Mrs Jenkins. Our aim is to encourage, support and nurture confident and happy learners within our class.

The reception class enjoy a fun and enthusiastic approach to all areas of their learning, inside and out. We are fortunate to have continuous access to our outside provision where the children can chose to develop their skills through water & sand play, mark making on the chalk board, imaginative play in the “builders shed” and using those physical skills on our class balance bikes!

Our classroom friends play a huge part in our weekly learning through play, we listen to our children and allow them to contribute ideas and challenges that they would like to achieve. Throughout the reception year, children will become confident in their number and sound recognition and formation; making use of all the exciting areas within the class to apply those skills. Our classroom themes are “Our world”, “People who help us” and “The Seaside”, we take every opportunity to be active and experiential in our learning inside and outside the classroom with many visits around our local area and Aberystwyth.

We are all part of a team in the reception class where we all use our kind hands, feet and words- we all learn to show 5 so that we are ready to learn. We enjoy milk and fruit together every day, along with our daily “check ins/feelings” time where we are listened to and supported to talk about our feelings .

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