Blwyddyn 1

Blwyddyn 1 is a fun and exciting year group that strives on ensuring a smooth transition from reception. Within this year children develop their skills through authentic and purposeful experiences. Year one is action packed with a range of activities and experiences to develop socially, emotionally, and physically. 

Learning take place in a spacious classroom environment that has direct access to the outdoors. We are very lucky to have access to our own Forest School area right outside our classroom which we explore every Tuesday for our Dydd Mawrth Mwdlyd. Our classroom has a range of areas to allow children to discover and explore independently or with support. The classroom environment is a friendly, warm space that allows children the safe space to develop their skills. 

Within year one our personal and social development is an integral part of our learning environment. Our classroom environment is a safe space where we value our friends, family and people who help us. Communication is at the forefront of our learning; we have regular well-being check ins throughout the day. Monday Mornings we designate to morning check in, so the children have time to share and have a nice chat with their peers and teachers. Our teachers help us to sort problems out and we talk things through together to make things better. We learn how self-regulate and what strategies to use that can positively impact on us and help us to be the best we can be. 

In Year 1, we broadly follow three themes throughout the year- amazing animals, Food, Glorious Food and the Great outdoors. These topics makes lessons relevant and exciting. However, our curriculum changes and alters according to our own ideas. Learners led the learning in our classrooms, pupil voice is very important to us.  

Phonics within our classroom is a big part of our learning. They will revise their initial sounds, learn tricky words and how to spell out and blend to aid them with their reading and writing. Maths lessons are kept enjoyable and interesting with the use of hands-on activities. Within our classroom our imaginations and creative minds are free to develop. We have access to our craft area at all times so we can, paint, draw and undertake more creative processes with freedom. 

Throughout the year we access the environment around the locality and further afield whenever possible to provide the real-life authentic experiences. We go for walks to the river, up to Pen Dinas and to our local park. We relate what we learn in school to real life situations to help us make sense of the World. 





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