Year 1

Year 1 gives children the opportunity to build on their early years experiences and really start getting to grips with their reading, writing and Numeracy skills. We develop our creative skills, develop enquiring minds and enjoy a range of activities to develop socially, emotionally and physically. We enjoy learning in a spacious classroom environment that has direct access to the outdoors. We use a blended approach to learning in line with the Curriculum for Wales guidelines. Our classroom has a range of areas for us to work both with support and independently and allows us to access a variety of areas that support the  curriculum and personal interest. Play is a key part of our learning and through in charge of choosing activities we make sense of our learning experiences and develop our social skills.


Our Personal and Social development is an integral part of our daily learning and we value our friends, family and people who help us in school. We believe that we need healthy bodies and healthy minds and talk regularly about our feelings. We know there are people who can help us if we need them. Our teachers help us to sort problems out and we talk things through together to make things better. We learn about activities and strategies we can use that can positively impact on us and help us to be the best we can be.

We broadly follow three themes throughout the year- Amazing animals, Food, Glorious Food and the Great outdoors but our curriculum changes according to our own ideas and what is going on in the World- pupil voice is important to us. We access the environment around the locality and further afield whenever possible to enhance our learning experiences. We go for walks to the river, up to Pen Dinas and to our local park. We relate what we learn in school to real life situations to help us make sense of the World and to be valuable members of the society we live in.


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