Year 1

The children in Year 1 enjoy a large, spacious environment with direct access to the outdoors. Our classroom is vibrant and allows us to access a variety of areas that support the Foundation Phase curriculum. In accordance with Foundation Phase pedagogy and objectives, children are given opportunities to learn through practical, hands on experiences as much as possible. We use our class shop, building area, outside role play and literacy areas to consolidate, extend and enhance what we learn in our focus tasks with an adult. We build on the firm foundations established in the early years and really get to grips with early reading, writing and Numeracy skills as well as enjoying physical and creative activities.

We access the environment around the school and further afield whenever possible. We go for walks around Penparcau to learn about our local area and go to other locations such as shops, Pen Dinas and the park. Kerbcraft lessons help us to learn about being safe when being out and about and we are encouraged to take responsibility for the safety of ourselves and our friends. We try and relate what we learn in school to real life situations so we can make sense of the world around us.

We broadly follow three themes through the year, namely Amazing Animals, Food Glorious Food and Our Favourite stories but as the children help with the planning we go off in all different directions. In class the children are ‘In charge of choosing’ and this means they help plan some of the provision and activities – pupil voice is very important to us.

Self- esteem and confidence and good behaviour are also important to us. We all know how to give 5 and talk about our emotions and feelings in check-in sessions. Our teachers help us to sort problems out and talk about things in order to make things better. Our parents and grown ups who take care of us are welcome to come and speak to our teachers and are welcome to come into the classroom every morning. We enjoy social times each day drinking our milk and fruit together and enjoy assemblies with the rest of the children in our school. We love PE and Give me 5 that helps us burn off energy and refocus!

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