Year 3

Year 3 Rheidol

There are 22 happy, lively pupils in Year 3 Rheidol who are often joined by their friends from Year 3 Ystwyth. Mrs Pugh-Jones is the class teacher who is supported closely by two Teaching Assistants who work part time in the classroom; Mrs Evans supports on Monday and Tuesday, Miss Haynes supports the classroom on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We start every morning with Literacy and Mathematics and the afternoon is filled with other foundation subjects as well as Science and Cymraeg.

History and Geography is taught by Miss Johnson and Mrs Northover.

The children enjoy swimming every Wednesday as well as Physical Education in the afternoon.

During the year we have learnt about ‘The Celts’, ‘Celebrations around the World’, ‘Myths and Legends’, ‘The Seaside’. After Easter we will be learning about the ‘Local Area’ as well as researching the ‘World of Sport’. Through these topics we get a chance to explore, research and report on many interesting facts and information.

Year 3 Ystwyth

Year 3 is currently split between two classes.  In Ystwyth year 3 class there are 18 superb pupils.  Miss Johnson and Miss Arthur are the class teachers, with Miss Johnson teaching from Monday to Wednesday and Miss Arthur teaching Thursday and Friday.  Mr James teaches the children swimming, Art and R.E. Year 3 Ystwyth is supported by two fantastic Teaching Assistants Mrs Evans and Ms Pierpoint.

Alongside our core subjects, so far this year we have studied the Celts, ‘Celebrations Around the World’, ‘Myths and Legends’, ‘The Seaside’ and after Easter we will be studying the ‘Local Area’. We will be completing the year by researching the World of Sport.

We are proud of every pupil in the classroom and our main goal is to ensure that every child achieves and leaves the classroom happy.

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