Year 5

Miss Hargreaves is the teacher in year 5, supported by Mr Northover and Miss Lorna. We have 29 children in our class and have had a very busy year so far! We’ve learnt about the Tokyo Olympics, Space, The Great Outdoors and have created our own little business to raise money for the class. We’ve created videos, written stories and learnt songs as part of our learning during all of these topics.  We’ve also had an exciting opportunity to create a comic strip based on a local piece of history. We chose the story of the Nanteos Cup. We visited Nanteos and went to see the cup in the National Library. We put all our learning into a comic strip. We are currently waiting for a company to digitalise the comic so it can be printed onto aluminium and will be displayed in the National Eisteddfod in Tregaron!



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